Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Deadli Concoctions: Pirate's Elixir and Pirate's Spritzer

One of my favorite things to do is just mix stuff together and create my own drinks. No, I'm not a mixologist or a bartender, but I am kind of a lush. I'm particularly fond of the Captain Morgan Parrot Bay line of flavored rums. They really go down so smoothly sometimes you can just mix a couple of flavors together and drink them on the rocks.

It was doing this that I came up with the following two drinks. Basically the Elixer came first and the Spritzer came when I thought I should make a version that wasn't pure alcohol and ice. I posted on Facebook asking my friends to name my drink, keeping with the pirate theme in honor of Captain Morgan and here we are.

Pirate's Elixir
1 part Captain Morgan Strawberry Parrot Bay
1 part Captain Morgan Lime Parrot Bay
serve on the rocks

Pirate's Spritzer
1 shot Captain Morgan Strawberry Parrot Bay
1 shot Captain Morgan Lime Parrot Bay
1 shot lemon juice
1 shot Sprite/Sierra Mist

Serve over the rocks and go relax.

These are perfect summer drinks because they're kind of fruity and not heavy on your stomach at all. Perfect for hanging by the pool with your friends, or a good drink at a summer neighborhood cookout. The Elixir can definitely pack a punch though so stay responsible.