Thursday, May 31, 2012

Five Wives Vodka can get a seat at the bar in Utah, not in Idaho

So it appears Five Wives Vodka has been banned in Idaho because it's "offensive to Mormons," but not in Utah with the bigger Mormon population. Personally I think they're making too much of this.

Besides, I guess if you have Five Wives, you really need some vodka. :)

In Utah, you can never have too many wives bringing your vodka, but in Idaho? Not so much, please. The state Liquor Control Division in Boise has ruled that Five Wives Vodka, with a whimsical label featuring five lasses with hiked skirts, isn’t going on sale at state-controlled liquor stores.

In other words, you can buy vodka that winks at polygamy in Salt Lake City but not in Pocatello; there, it’s considered “offensive."

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