Friday, May 25, 2012

S'Mores Martini

What's a good Memorial Day weekend drink? I had to think about this. Since a lot of people go camping on Memorial Day weekend, I decided to go with this drink recipe to give you an outdoorsy camping feel.

I originally found this (as I find a lot of drink ideas nowdays) on Pinterest but it came from a great article on

First take Chocolate Syrup and place it on a plate. 
Take the Martini Glass upside down and Coat the entire Rim. 
Finish the coat with Gram Cracker for the SMORES

In Mixer pour the following (equally)
Three Olives Vanilla Vodka,
Creme da Coco,

 Mix them all and Pour into Martini Glass.  Take Marshmallow Syrup and pour over the top of the Creamy Liquor Foam.  Take a Roasted Marshmallow and put on Rim on glass for decoration.

Originally from's article "The 6 Best Drinks and Shots for Your Next Party"